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  • Reduce stress, anxiety & worry;
  • Change your career! Or... improve your career...
  • Deal with Pandemic related emotional & mental health problems;
  • Make more money...
  • Climb the management ladder
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Learn how to motivate yourself
  • Learn how to persuade and influence others
  • Stay at home - work from home - and be successful...
  • Learn to deal with change 
  • Leave guilt, sadness & depression behind;
  • Learn how to make an important change in your life!
  • Reduce doubt & uncertainty;
  • Gain a clear sense of direction;
  • Heal your emotional pain and hurt;
  • Get rid of TOXIC relationships; Then build relationships that make you happy
  • Reduce your life struggles;
  • Stop being a slave to your negative feelings;
  • Handle those difficult people at work (or in your life);
  • Change those disabling behaviors that are limiting you;
  • Overcome burnout and strengthen your resilience;
  • Get rid of that specific obstalce that's been holding you back; or,
  • Pivot and rapidly adjust your life to this 'new normal'....

If you want ANY of those things, then you may want to pay very close attention to the rest of this message. 

Why? Because you are about to discover how to solve those problems and get the results you need without paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for expensive coaching, counseling or training. And, without wasting time searching the entire internet and struggling to find the right courses or training that have the key solutions you need. 

Most people like you and I want more security and peace of mind. We want freedom from stress and anxiety. 

Our lives should be filled with more fun and happy moments. 

We work too hard to still not have the kind of lives that we want and have dreamt of. 

We deserve to feel fulfilled, at peace and satisfied that our efforts and sacrifices are rewarded with outward security and inner peace. 

So, you are right to be looking for ways to get out of the hole that you are in or to find solutions for your problems. 

And, yes, because of your hard work and effort, your dedication to your family, your job and your career, you deserve better. 

And so, because you are reading this, I suggest that you are in the right place where you can find the solution to helping you get rid of your struggles. 

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Hi... My name is Marcus Mottley. Everything I said above is true. Everything is possible for you to overcome. BUT... it takes know how - and it takes application. Its Knowledge PLUS Action. I will help you to get the knowledge and insights.... You take action on the things you will learn. SIMPLE! 

Throghout most of my life I have been obsessed with searching for and finding solutions that would help me master life and life's situations, issues, and problems that hamstring most of us. 

So what did I do? I developed a strategy (which I outline below) of getting tons of information and skills. That strategy worked well for me. I found the answers and solutions that I wanted. 

But... it was a totally different story for my clients..

Many of the times when I worked with a client or conducted a workshop attended by groups of people, I would recommend a best-selling book (by other authors) or a high profile course (developed by well known coaches) that people could purchase online from Amazon and other sites.

But, over time, I realized that most people didn’t follow through on my recommendations.

When I asked my private Facebook group about this, the general response was that they were tired buying books or purchasing courses in the past that may not have been a good fit for the problems they had.

Most people stated that when they invested in a book or course they wanted to make sure that it fit what they specifically needed at the time. And they said that they preferred the one-on-one coaching with me and even the group coaching. But those can be prohibitively expensive.

That bothered me.... because I understood that my own path to finding solutions had been difficult, hit and miss (more miss than hit) and very expensive. And time consuming! 

There had to be a better solution. 

Recent Research

Did you know that according to recent research, right now up to 91% of the world's population is struggling because of all the chaos and crises, plus what is called "the New Normal"?

And 83% of those who are struggling and having diffculty coping, spend a lot of time searching for solutions to their problems?

And, do you know that most of them complain that they either can't find the solutions they need, or that when they do find something, it is way too expensive for them to afford? 

Well if you are one of those people... here is the real problem you face today... and will face tomorrow: It is very difficult to find the exact solution that you need and that will work quickly for you. And, because you may need multiple answers in your quest for help, one solution (one book, course, training session, counseling or coaching program) will probably not be enough. 

Why? Because, based on my own personal experience and those of my clients, when you solve one problem, other problems which have been lying hidden begin to come to the surface. 

And, so now you need new and different solutions. And the search begins again... and the struggle and stress continues...

  And, at some point, either then or later... some people give up, or settle for 'life as it is'. 

And it is understandable because most people believe that "life should be a struggle'. Or that life has to be a struggle for it to be meaningful. The problem with that is that many people never find a way OUT OF that 'struggle'! And, as you know, constantly 'struggling' is costly: heart disease, high blood pressure, failing relationships, debt, worry, anxiety, depression, feelings of failure, alcohol and drugs.. suicide... 

Well... the good thing for you is that I believe you may have just found the best solution for getting the 'right solutions' that you want - so that you can end the struggles and battles that you have been fighting (and may have been losing). 


Welcome to the Me-Mastery Program©


I developed The Me-Mastery Program to give you what you need to change your life… and keep changing your life – until you get what YOU want.


So, why else did I develop this Program? Well, over the years I have always focused on my own personal and professional development. I invested in hundreds of online and in-person courses and workshops. I became certified in several counseling and coaching approaches and disciplines. I learned hundreds of techniques on how to help people heal, grow, develop and solve their own problems. I bought thousands of books, videos, CD’s & Cassettes (remember those?).  I was and still am – a bookworm!

But, when I worked with my clients and coachees, I realized that there was so much I could not give them in a few coaching or counseling sessions. They wanted and needed much more. 

So, the challenge for me was how could I give them access to the knowledge, ideas, and skills that they could use to absolutely change their lives and end or significantly reduce their struggles (without having to invest a lot of money in coaching and counseling and without spending a lot of time searching for the right program that fit their needs). 

So I designed and developed the Me-Mastery Program.

I designed it as a personal and professional vault: a library of online courses where they could find the best solutions for whatever they were seeking to grow in.. or change... or get rid of...

And I also decided that the cost of this would be affordable to just about everyone on the planet who is serious about their growth.  

Additionally, I decided that this library would continue to grow- each week – each month – each year! This will be a huge library.

I also knew that the bigger the library gets – the more expensive it will be to continue developing, updating and maintaining. And it will take a ton of time and effort and resources to develop it… and for it to continue to grow…But, you shouldn't worry about that because if you become a founding charter member now... your membership fee will never change. 

First of all...  Let's be clear about who is this for? Who will it help?

Well… let me answer that by telling you how some of the members who invest in the Me-Mastery Program describe THEIR own STRUGGLES before they became members: 

  • “Plenty of stress related to all the above: work, family and relationships.”
  • This Pandemic has made me feel as if I am going crazy... "I am struggling to keep my mind straight."
  • "Having difficulty adjusting to what everyone is calling the 'NEW NORMAL'"
  • “Deep dis-satisfaction in ‘specific’ areas of my life.”
  • "Having doubts about succeding in this New Virtual work environment..."
  • “Feeling unsure and a lack of clarity in my personal relationship.”
  • “Uncertainty about my next steps with my career.”
  • "I want to help others... but I have to start with me.."
  • "I have made a lot of progress in my life, but I am trying to go to the next level... it's difficult though... particularly now"
  • “Have always had difficulty achieving what I believe is my full potential.”
  • "I can't stop the brain chatter in my head... that's why I am not focused."
  • “I carry a LOT of emotional pain and hurt from my childhood that affect my personal and professional life.”
  • “My feelings of failure will not go away no matter what I have tried before.”
  • "Managing people is so difficult, I am failing at that..."
  • “I carry loads of self-doubt on how to deal with a ‘specific’ issue in my life.”
  • “I am riddled with worry and anxiety due to the Pandemic – as well as my recent health diagnosis.”
  • “I don’t know how to deal with this cloud of sadness and depression… that I can’t get rid of.”
  • “I carry a lot of inner conflict that undermines my relationships.”
  • “Financial problems seem to follow me everywhere.”
  • “I have always had a lot of difficulty with ‘making ends meet’.”
  • “Loneliness is my constant companion – even when I have people around me.”
  • “I can’t seem to make the right move because of my lack of direction and purpose. By this time, I should know where I am going – I thought I did... but I don’t.”
  • “I really want others to support me… but they don’t seem to care about me as much as I care for them.”
  • “I have a lot of regrets that I can’t seem to shake off… even though I know that I should just leave them behind me.”
  • “I feel guilty about some things that I have done… and that stops me from fully committing…”
  • “I am stuck in my current ‘situation’ and don’t know where and how to move out of it…”
  • “I don’t feel in control of my life… Sometimes, I feel that other people are controlling too much of my life.”
  • “I am too dependent on others and sometimes I feel as if I am at their mercy.”
  • “I have been victimized in the past… and I have tried but can’t seem to let go of the pain and the scarring...”
  • “I think that I am somewhat successful… but I am not sure that I belong or deserve what I have achieved. Sometimes, it feels empty.”
  • “What’s the point…?”
  • “Going forward, I don’t think things are going to get any better for me… I can’t see how… I wish I could change that… but…”
  • “I don’t feel that I belong… not here… not there… not anywhere…”
  • “I am now and have been for a long time… struggling with alcohol…”
  • “As I look down the road… It seems hopeless. I feel as if I am a helpless pawn in the scheme of life…”  
  • “Yes… I am struggling… And I have been for a long time…” 

So… what are some of the experiences of Members AFTER they joined the Me-Mastery Program?

  • “I am feeling a greater sense of control over the things that happen to me.”
  • “Only three months listening to the videos and reading the eBooks, and my financial and economic situation is a lot better… I have a better plan.. and I feel more relaxed about it.”
  • I am no longer letting the thought of Omicron or Deltacrom (or whatever) keep handcuffs on my mind... I have taken major control of my thoughts. I am making the best of this terrible Pandemic situation...
  • “I am now taking charge of the relationship between work life and home life… particularly during this Pandemic.”
  • “I am a lot more confident and my self-image is different – better.”
  • This program has caused me to be "woke" to my strengths and all the possibilities - even during the Pandemic.
  • “My sense of purpose and direction is more solid and I can see where I am headed more clearly.”
  • “I am dealing a lot better with my past emotional trauma… and am learning not to let those things interfere and hold me back today.”
  • “I know now what I need from my job and I am making sure that I get it…”
  • “I am dealing better with those bullies and those haters at work.”
  • “There is a lot of education here… I am going through it slowly and implementing things as I go along.”
  • “My people skills have really been transformed at work… and everyone is noting it.”
  • “I am receiving better collaboration and support at work.”
  • “I am now better able to connect with and communicate with others, and I feel more comfortable doing that. I am really surprised at myself and how quickly this happened.”
  • “I am experiencing so much that I couldn’t learn anywhere else in one place.”
  • “This is the best training on Emotional Intelligence that I have ever received. It is even better than that popular book by the guru.”
  • “My decision-making has improved in my personal life… and definitely in my work life.”
  • “The way that ‘stress management’ was framed changed my perspective on stress and stressors immediately. I now handle ‘stressors’ differently. I am more relaxed even in difficult situations and even better… with difficult people.”
  • “I now have a really good process to have difficult conversations with people at work (and at home too).”
  • “I am on my way… I feel so relieved…”
  • “A lot of things in this program that I like… I am going slow… Love the fact that I am learning and exploring so many different facets of life, being, doing, living and growing... all towards a better me.”
  • “I am not letting myself get down anymore… I can pull myself up anytime that old yuckie feeling begins again… It is much less now that before though.”
  • “I am learning things that I never knew… and I am learning them quickly from the eBooks and videos… Particularly the short videos.”
  • “I now know an ironclad strategy to achieve whatever goal I set. I proved it over the last month…”
  • “This is easy. But it is not easy. Easy to go through the material… but I have to focus on implementing the ideas, strategies and tips into my life. That’s the hard but necessary part.”
  • “I wish this was available a long time ago where I could learn so much about so many different aspects of life – in one place – with one inexpensive program that has so much.”
  • “Since I started this, my colleagues have told me that my management skills have improved… Although I can’t see it… but they do. I guess its working.”
  • “I feel in charge of my own life… and how I respond to negative things is way different than before.”
  • “My knowledge has grown a lot over the last couple of months… There is so much to learn here.”
  • “I still feel the need for support from others… But I have grown in being very self-reliant and self-in-charge. When it comes to what others do… It is what it is… I am much more OK now.”
  • “I am a much better supervisor now because of being able to deal with people better.”
  • “Me-Mastery is a good term… That’s what I am moving towards… Me-Mastery and Life Mastery.”


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So... How Much? 

What is the current value? One of our members said it best: $Priceless.

But… how much do all these courses cost if you were to buy them each separately? At the time that I am writing this the total cost of the courses currently in your library exceed $16,930. In other words, if you were to pay for each one of these courses, you would have to write a check for, or take out a loan in the amount of $17,000. By the time you are reading this… the costs would have increased exponentially.

The real issue might be... what is value to you fi you can stop struggling with even a few of your challenges? And, what is the value to you if you took more control over your live and felt a lot more secure as if you had more control? What would that be worth to you?

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Here Is What You Get


A Complete Membership Program with:

  • Training that will change your life personally and professional and help you to master life's challenges
  • A growing library of complete courses
  • Hundreds of video lessons
  • Hundreds of Ebooks
  • Hundreds of audio lessons
  • Tens of articles per subject area and within each course
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  • Topics on eveything that matter to you for your personal development
  • Courses that can help you climb the ladder at work and be more effective
  • Regular webinars on life-changing topics
  • The opportunity to get private, confidential, individualized, very low, minimal cost coaching and consulting to support your growth efforts
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