Emotional Shtuff Podcast

Emotional Shtuff Podcast

Hosted by: Dr. Marcus Mottley

The Emotional Shtuff Podcast gives you powerful stories, techniques, strategies, tips and targeted recommendations on how to heal your hurt, manage your emotions, deal effectively with difficult people, handle...

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10 Steps For Emotional Healing

Episode #109

If you have an emotional problem this episode is guaranteed to help you. I take you through 10 steps that will help to transform the negative emotions that keep you shackled to disempowering feelings and the...
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Shift From Emotional Intelligence to Emotional Competence

Episode #108

There is too much focus on Emotional Intelligence. In this podcast Dr. Mottley outlines why everyone should shift and focus on Emotional Competence. The definition of Emotional Intelligence Distinguishing between...
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Get Help - Now!

Episode #107

Get help for emotional disorders from both traditional and non-traditional sources of treatment. Do not rule out non-traditional and local sources of treatment. Often times these may be a better fit for you than some...
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My Fear of Public Speaking

Episode #106

Dr. Mottley speaks about his background growing up as a child and reveals the books he read that stirred up a desire in him that he could not fulfill because of his fear! He also reveals that he is working on a...
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What's In It For Me?

Episode #105

When you are involved in an project, activity or even a relationship, is the return on your investment in time and other resources worth it? When you ask yourself, "What's in it for me?"... Do your answers inspire...
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Self Esteem vs. Self Image

Episode #104

It is easy to confuse self-esteem, self-image and self concept - but the fact is that they mean different things. In this episode I compare and contrast them and examine the ways that they are different and the ways...
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Conflict and Emotions

Episode #103

When faced with a conflict there are three skills that are key: Get your emotions under your conscious control Behave differently from how you feel. Look beyond the present moment... look into the future and decide...
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The Impact of All Trauma on Emotions

Episode #102

We are witnessing in primetime powerful examples of the distressing and long lasting impact of rape and sexual abuse on victims. We are also witnessing how important and powerful leaders easily dismiss the lifelong...
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Emotional Wounds

Episode #101

We discuss the fact that there are many people who are emotionally wounded in our society. We examine some of the symptoms of those wounds. And, we recommend some of the things that emotionally wounded people need to...
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