Angergy! How Anger Affects You & How To Deal With It!

Episode #113

In this episode entitled Angergy... Dr. Mottley empahsizes our need to manage our anger and discusses both the positive and negative side effects of this emotion. He also shares a powerful exercise on how to reduce anger.

Some of the positive effects of anger include the fact that it spurs us to take action on injustices, can make us be move from reactive to proactive by mobilizing our responses, makes us feel empowered, and allows us to be authentic such as when we 'speak truth to power'.

Dr. Mottley also details some of the very negative outcomes of anger including the serious health problems, the fact that it can 'break our hearts', and reduce our social relationships.

He offers a few anger management strategies from the Bible and details a very powerful anger management technique that you can listen to immediately.


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