Learn To Trust Your Feelings

Episode #119

In this episode Dr. Marcus Mottley proposes that it is generally accepted that we all develop intuitive feelings very early in life. The problem is, from a very young age we are often told to ignore our feelings or that our feelings are just wrong. Much like force-feeding an infant can cause the child to start ignoring their natural hunger control mechanism, it’s the same with emotions. The more we have been taught to suppress our feelings, the more likely we are being conditioned not to trust them. 

So we all need to re-establish our trust in our intuitive thoughts, feelings and emotions. In other words – we need to trust ourselves…

Dr. Mottley discusses specific questions related to our emotions and how we should develop that trust in our emotional intuitions. He also gives sound suggestions and recommendations about what we should do when some of these questions and issues arise. 

As you learn to trust your emotions by practicing actually feeling them, and possibly taking action on those feelings, you’ll get better at discerning what’s right and wrong… and which feelings may actually prove to be crucially important. If you distrust your feelings and bury them…. You will never know how valuable they really are and how much you can truly benefit from embracing them. 

Your feelings are yours! Why not trust yourself? 


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