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Emotional Shtuff Podcast

Hosted by: Dr. Marcus Mottley

The Emotional Shtuff Podcast gives you powerful stories, techniques, strategies, tips and targeted recommendations on how to heal your hurt, manage your emotions, deal effectively with difficult people, handle...

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4 Ways To Manage Your Anger Triggers

Episode #121

Everyone has their own anger ‘triggers’. These are the things that lead to them being irritated, frustrated, annoyed, upset or just plain angry. Dr. Mottley shares four ways that we can take control of these triggers...
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Rebuilding Trust

Episode #120

Rebuilding trust with someone who has caused you pain and hurt is very difficult. Dr Mottley presents some tips and some cautions on how to do this. These tips include:Trust yourselfPrepare yourselfForgive...
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Learn To Trust Your Feelings

Episode #119

In this episode Dr. Marcus Mottley proposes that it is generally accepted that we all develop intuitive feelings very early in life. The problem is, from a very young age we are often told to ignore our feelings or...
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A Caribbean Beach Experience

Episode #118

Dr Mottley guides you through a relaxing, energizing, peaceful and rejuvenating experience as you enjoy lying on a Caribbean beach. DO NOT LISTEN WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY!Listening to his will help to...
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4 Signs of Poor Emotional Health

Episode #117

Many people don't pay attention to their emototional health until its almost too late.  By then they are suffering from both physical and mental health problems and some of those issues can be life threatening. Your...
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Help For Depression & Other Mood Disorders

Episode #116

Dr. Mottley highlights the fact that millions of people around the world are not getting the help they need for depression and other mood disorders. This is particularly true in developing countries and even people in...
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Why Leaders Need Emotional Competence Training

Episode #115

Hundreds of research results show that the most successful leaders have high levels of emotional intelligence. In this episode, Dr. Mottley highlights some of the findings and underlines how increasing EI and EC...
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Episode #114

In this episode on guilt, Dr. Mottley, details what guilt is and how to deal with it. Some of the subtopics discussed are: Definition of guilt Difference between shame and guilt Different types of guilt Examples of...
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Angergy! How Anger Affects You & How To Deal With It!

Episode #113

In this episode entitled Angergy... Dr. Mottley empahsizes our need to manage our anger and discusses both the positive and negative side effects of this emotion. He also shares a powerful exercise on how to reduce...
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Episode #112

In this episode, Dr. Mottley discusses some of the debilitating effects of andropause or 'male-menopause' and addresses some of the potential solutions for men who suffer from this problem. Some of the emotional and...
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Who Is In Control? You or Your Emotion?

Episode #111

In this short Podcast Dr. Marcus Mottley asks the question: "Are you at the mercy of your emotions and thoughts?" He hides one very powerful strategy/technique within this Podcast! Most listeners hear it - but ignore...
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A Powerful Strategy To Deal With Fear Of Public Speaking

Episode #110

In this episode on glossophobia or fear of public speaking, you will learn a powerful strategy on how to make deep mental and emotional changes to the roots of your fear. Dr. Mottley discusses why it is important to...
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