Functional Fitness & Corrective Exercise Program

$39.95 USD

This is a complete educational program on Functional Fitness & Corrective Exercise! 

How you will benefit:

  • Get all the information and guidance you need to grow into being physically fit.
  • Learn the types of exercises that will help you correct fitness related health problems. 
  • Know exactly what to do and how to do key exercises.
  • Develop your own fitness program or follow one of our expertly designed programs based on your fitness needs.
  • Get the fitness coaching you need to change your fitness level easily, quickly and for as long as you want. 
  • Learn which exercises to do and (maybe more importantly) which exercises to avoid based on your needs and fitness contdition.

What you'll get:

  • Educational Videos, Audios, eBooks and other materials that will guide you all the way to fitness!
  • A full edcuational program on Functional Fitness and Corrective Exercises.
  • A complete guide on how to design and develop your own home-based exercise and fitness program.
  • A comprehensive video program on the most important and most researched fitness approach on the planet: HIIT! You get all the you need to know and learn exactly how to use this process to radically change your fitness and health levels. 
  • Want to gain muscle? You get a complete guide on muscle gain secrets for people of all ages! 
  • Learn all about the single most important piece of equipment for your home gym: The Kettlebell!  You learn what to do and what to avoid in this program! 
  • Much more including videos, ebooks and audio programs on nutrition, developing strength, becoming more flexible, and enhancing your cardio fitness. 
  • Extra sections include lessons on Yoga and gaining more mass or trimming down and losing weight safely and steadily! 

Before you begin any exercise program, get advise from your medical or health practitioners.  These courses are being provided for informational and educational purposes only. 

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