Improve Your Knowldge, Skills, Expertise & Ability To Deal With The Massive Challenges You Face Today Without Stressing & Struggling! 


Learn How To   


This is NOT FOR YOU if you are NOT Stressing or Struggling in some area of your life... and if you don't have even a few nagging and hard-to-get-rid-of problems... 

(Thanks for reading to this point…)

BUT – If you ARE struggling or if you have problems in ANY key area of your life… then keep on reading.

AND – If you ARE willing to Commit to and Work To get BETTER Results in your life, then this Me-Mastery Program may just be for you.

Yep… Maybe

NO… it is not for everyone. So... Don’t invest if you are just window-shopping - browsing - or ‘kicking the tires’, or just 'thinking about' ‘giving it a try.’

AND - Don’t INVEST your money – if you are not willing to INVEST time and effort!

But, if you ARE willing, here is what will happen over the next 3 months... You will: 

- Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Worry

- Leave Sadness & Worry Behind

- Reduce Uncertainty & Gain A Sense of Direction

- Heal Your Emotional Pain & Hurt

- Get Rid of TOXIC Relationships

- Reduce Your Life Struggles

- Really handle those difficult people at work (or in your life)

- Put your past pain, hurt and difficulties behind you

- Overcome burnout

- Get rid of that specific obstacle that's been keeping you back

- Rapidly adjust your life to the NEW NORMAL... 


You MUST be committed to work hard, follow recommendations, implement the ideas and strategies… and to KEEP at it – until YOU get what you WANT.

EVERYTHING is here and WILL be here in this Me-Mastery Program that you need to change your life… and keep changing your life – until you get what YOU want.


So… Who is this for? Who will it help?

Well… let me answer that by telling you how some of the members who invest in the Me-Mastery Program describe THEIR own STRUGGLES before they became members: 

  • “Plenty of stress related to all the above: work, family and relationships.”
  • "Having difficulty adjusting to what everyone is calling the 'NEW NORMAL'"
  • “Deep dis-satisfaction in ‘specific’ areas of my life.”
  • "Having doubts about succeding in this New Virtual work environment..."
  • “Feeling unsure and a lack of clarity in my personal relationship.”
  • “Uncertainty about my next steps with my career.”
  • "I want to help others... but I have to start with me.."
  • "I have made a lot of progress in my life, but I am trying to go to the next level... it's difficult though... particularly now"
  • “Have always had difficulty achieving what I believe is my full potential.”
  • "I can't stop the brain chatter in my head... that's why I am not focused."
  • “I carry a LOT of emotional pain and hurt from my childhood that affect my personal and professional life.”
  • “My feelings of failure will not go away no matter what I have tried before.”
  • "Managing people is so difficult, I am failing at that..."
  • “I carry loads of self-doubt on how to deal with a ‘specific’ issue in my life.”
  • “I am riddled with worry and anxiety due to the Pandemic – as well as my recent health diagnosis.”
  • “I don’t know how to deal with this cloud of sadness and depression… that I can’t get rid of.”
  • “I carry a lot of inner conflict that undermines my relationships.”
  • “Financial problems seem to follow me everywhere.”
  • “I have always had a lot of difficulty with ‘making ends meet’.”
  • “Loneliness is my constant companion – even when I have people around me.”
  • “I can’t seem to make the right move because of my lack of direction and purpose. By this time, I should know where I am going – I thought I did... but I don’t.”
  • “I really want others to support me… but they don’t seem to care about me as much as I care for them.”
  • “I have a lot of regrets that I can’t seem to shake off… even though I know that I should just leave them behind me.”
  • “I feel guilty about some things that I have done… and that stops me from fully committing…”
  • “I am stuck in my current ‘situation’ and don’t know where and how to move out of it…”
  • “I don’t feel in control of my life… Sometimes, I feel that other people are controlling too much of my life.”
  • “I am too dependent on others and sometimes I feel as if I am at their mercy.”
  • “I have been victimized in the past… and I have tried but can’t seem to let go of the pain and the scarring...”
  • “I think that I am somewhat successful… but I am not sure that I belong or deserve what I have achieved. Sometimes, it feels empty.”
  • “What’s the point…?”
  • “Going forward, I don’t think things are going to get any better for me… I can’t see how… I wish I could change that… but…”
  • “I don’t feel that I belong… not here… not there… not anywhere…”
  • “I am now and have been for a long time… struggling with alcohol…”
  • “As I look down the road… It seems hopeless. I feel as if I am a helpless pawn in the scheme of life…”  
  • “Yes… I am struggling… And I have been for a long time…”


So… what are some of the experiences of Members AFTER they joined the Me-Mastery Program?

  • “I am feeling a greater sense of control over the things that happen to me.”
  • “Only three months listening to the videos and reading the eBooks, and my financial and economic situation is a lot better… I have a better plan.. and I feel more relaxed about it.”
  • “I am now taking charge of the relationship between work life and home life… particularly during this Pandemic.”
  • “I am a lot more confident and my self-image is different – better.”
  • “My sense of purpose and direction is more solid and I can see where I am headed more clearly.”
  • “I am dealing a lot better with my past emotional trauma… and am learning not to let those things interfere and hold me back today.”
  • “I know now what I need from my job and I am making sure that I get it…”
  • “I am dealing better with those bullies and those haters at work.”
  • “There is a lot of education here… I am going through it slowly and implementing things as I go along.”
  • “My people skills have really been transformed at work… and everyone is noting it.”
  • “I am receiving better collaboration and support at work.”
  • “I am now better able to connect with and communicate with others, and I feel more comfortable doing that. I am really surprised at myself and how quickly this happened.”
  • “I am experiencing so much that I couldn’t learn anywhere else in one place.”
  • “This is the best training on Emotional Intelligence that I have ever received. It is even better than that popular book by the guru.”
  • “My decision-making has improved in my personal life… and definitely in my work life.”
  • “The way that ‘stress management’ was framed changed my perspective on stress and stressors immediately. I now handle ‘stressors’ differently. I am more relaxed even in difficult situations and even better… with difficult people.”
  • “I now have a really good process to have difficult conversations with people at work (and at home too).”
  • “I am on my way… I feel so relieved…”
  • “A lot of things in this program that I like… I am going slow… Love the fact that I am learning and exploring so many different facets of life, being, doing, living and growing... all towards a better me.”
  • “I am not letting myself get down anymore… I can pull myself up anytime that old yuckie feeling begins again… It is much less now that before though.”
  • “I am learning things that I never knew… and I am learning them quickly from the eBooks and videos… Particularly the short videos.”
  • “I now know an ironclad strategy to achieve whatever goal I set. I proved it over the last month…”
  • “This is easy. But it is not easy. Easy to go through the material… but I have to focus on implementing the ideas, strategies and tips into my life. That’s the hard but necessary part.”
  • “I wish this was available a long time ago where I could learn so much about so many different aspects of life – in one place – with one inexpensive program that has so much.”
  • “Since I started this, my colleagues have told me that my management skills have improved… Although I can’t see it… but they do. I guess its working.”
  • “I feel in charge of my own life… and how I respond to negative things is way different than before.”
  • “My knowledge has grown a lot over the last couple of months… There is so much to learn here.”
  • “I still feel the need for support from others… But I have grown in being very self-reliant and self-in-charge. When it comes to what others do… It is what it is… I am much more OK now.”
  • “I am a much better supervisor now because of being able to deal with people better.”
  • “Me-Mastery is a good term… That’s what I am moving towards… Me-Mastery and Life Mastery.”



Learn - Grow - Change - Feel Better

(This is Like The Netflix, HULU & HBO Plus (combined) of Online Courses That Are Relevant To Your Personal & Professional Development!) 

Select from tons of courses in our continously growing course library! As a Member, they are ALL yours! 

Video Tutorials - Audio Lessons - Ebooks - Reports - Podcasts - Plus Members Only Live & Recorded Webinars!


How would you like to have your own private personal and professional development training library with both audio, video and text courses that you can access any time… at home, at work, in your car… from anywhere- either on your phone or your computer?

How would you like to take courses that can literally change your life by teaching you new skills, new thinking habits, giving you new and novel ideas?

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions then you need to read all the way to the end:

  • Do you buy a lot of books and online courses?
  • Do you spend a lot of time searching for that right training course because you need to develop your professional skills?
  • Are you searching for that ‘right’ personal development information to help you move forward in life?
  • Do you want help to deal with stress, manage your anger, reduce grief or sadness, or uplift your feelings?
  • Want to know how to deal with that difficult person at work, or handle those negative micro-messages from other people?
  • Are you a victim of abuse, lack of inclusion at work, racism, sexism (or any ‘ism”)?
  • How about building a new relationship or improving your current relationships?
  • Do you want to heal your past emotional hurts?
  • Want info on how to deal with debilitating addictions?
  • Need to enhance your critical thinking skills, boost your emotional intelligence, or develop your supervision and leadership skills?
  • Want to get rid of that imposter syndrome that you sometimes feel?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, or if you found any of the questions intriguing, then the program I am going to describe is definitely for you.

Most people are looking for a way to improve their lives.

They are spending a lot of money on tons of books, videos, online courses…

Or, they spend a lot of time browsing videos on YouTube… Or watching powerful TedTalks, or attending Webinars and  trainings on Teams, WebEx or Zoom, or listening to a variety of podcasts… Or a combination of all of those things.

Other people turn to costly counseling, coaching or mentoring programs for the hard-to-find, real help that they genuinely need.

They do all of this in the hope of finding the ideas, solutions or skills which can help them to improve their lives, heal their hurts, enhance their skills, get that promotion, deal with that difficult boss or co-worker, reduce their anxieties, lift them up from depression, mend their broken hearts, improve their relationships… or help resolve whatever challenges or critical needs they have.

Yes… everyone is looking for one or two or three solutions for their problems, challenges or ‘situations’…  

Or they are looking for something that would give them an edge at work…

And what do they look for? They are looking for training, or information… for more knowledge… or better skills… or for more insight or deeper understanding…

And some people are just trying to fill gaps in their knowledge… while other people are looking for new ideas on what to do and how to do it…

The problem with all of the above?

Nothing. There is no problem! All of those things are potentially good things. Why? Because it is normal that everyone is looking to heal their hurts, or to be better… do better and to have more. That’s life 101. It has always been that way.

So – going after self-improvement is a powerfully good thing!

But – there is a challenge. Or, a couple of challenges…

  1. You have to search and keep searching for good information, good books, videos and podcasts, effective counseling (and counselors), life coaching that works, and workshops and online courses that help you to get to where you want to go. And, to get those things, you have to spend time searching all over the internet including Google, YouTube and Amazon. You do all that just to find what works for you. And in addition… You may also have to ask friends for suggestions and referrals and share and explain your personal trials and tribulations with them… although you really don’t want to.
  2. You spend a lot of time searching… Then discarding… Then searching again… then looking for more, etc. A lot of time!!!
  3. And, when you do find something that you think may work for you… Then you have to purchase it… books (including ebooks), online courses, subscriptions and more. You may also sign up for coaching or counseling sessions.

    And then you find out… “Well, this book or course is OK… but it isn’t exactly what I wanted.” Or, “I didn’t really get anything out of that.” Or, “I wish I could take that online course again (but it doesn’t make sense paying for it again). Or, maybe you and that counselor or coach were just not a good fit.
  4. And over time, you spend a ton of money just trying to find the right course – the right program – the right fit - that would satisfy your need: education, training, skill development, coaching or counseling…

But… What if?

What if you didn’t have to search the entire internet for that right course that would fit what you needed?

What if you could get access to information, ideas, strategies, knowledge sets, skill sets that work for you?

What if you could try and test them out – on your own time – and at your own pace – anytime of the day or night – at home or at work – on your phone or computer?

What if you could have access to hundreds of videos that provide the information, the training, the knowledge and understanding that would help you to solve your problems, or improve your skills, or give you that professional edge at work?

What if you could learn at your own pace without any particular deadline... And what if you could then watch that video again... or listen to that specific audio lesson again... and again - until that key or novel idea really sunk in and you got it! 

Welcome to the Me Mastery Program©

Hi… My name is Marcus Mottley. 
I am an author, Clinical Psychologist, Training Manager, Certified Seminar Leader and Executive Coach. I have spent the last 45 years giving speeches, coaching, counseling and training thousands of people.

Where did I get the knowledge and skills to do all this. Well – I invested in hundreds of online and in-person courses and workshops. I became certified in several counseling and coaching approaches and disciplines. I learned hundreds of techniques on how to help people heal, grow, develop and solve their own problems. I bought thousands of books, videos, CD’s & Cassettes (remember those?).  I was and still am – a bookworm!

Most of the times when I worked with a client or conducted a workshop attended by groups of people, I would recommend a bestselling book (by other authors) or a high profile course (developed by well known coaches) that people could purchase online from Amazon and other sites. But most people didn’t follow through. When I asked my private Facebook group about this, the general response was that they were tired buying books or purchasing courses that they eventually realized weren’t necessarily a fit for them. Most people stated that when they invested in a book or course they wanted to make sure that it fit what they specifically needed at the time. And most people, indicated that they preferred the one-on-one coaching with me and even the group coaching. But those are expensive.

That bothered me because in my own life,  I had done both. I had purchased tons of books and courses that weren’t the exact fit for me. But, to be truthful, I always found at least a few ideas from each purchase which have contributed vastly to my knowledge and understanding. I had also invested heavily in training and coaching programs for my own benefit.

But I understood. And it bothered me… My clients and customers wanted more. In the past I would help them with one or two problems…. Great! But that made them want more… More information! More solutions to other problems which now surfaced! They wanted more insights… more knowledge and more answers to their additional questions.

They wanted to continue to grow, develop, move up and move from where they were to somewhere else. They had clearer sense of their destiny…

And I understood. Once you solve one problem. It opens the door so that you can see more opportunities in life. And… you understandably want more skills and knowledge. And, once you satisfy those… Well… you see a new horizon with even more opportunities for both personal and professional growth and development. 

They wanted more training. More courses. More knowledge. More skills. More understanding. More insights – And they didn’t want to have to search all over the internet. They didn’t want to have to read every best-selling book on Amazon – or invest time endlessly searching You-Tube. 

So, I decided to develop a personal and professional vault: a library of online courses where they could find the best solutions for whatever they were seeking to grow in.

And I also decided that the cost of this would be affordable to just about everyone on the planet who is serious about their growth.  

I also decided that this library would continue to grow- each week – each month – each year! This will be a huge library.

I also knew that the bigger the library gets – the more expensive it will be to continue developing, updating and maintaining. And it will take a ton of time and effort and resources to develop it… and for it to continue to grow…

But don’t let that concern you. Why? Because anyone who is a member of the library… their membership fee will never change. Whatever price their membership was when they started… their membership fee would never change. Ever.

Yes… the price will change and go up… But only for newer members joining the library. And once they are in…. then the cost of their membership is locked in. Forever or as long as they want it. So, those who get in early- get the lowest membership fee. Forever.

So, what’s in this library right now? You can see the list below…

The Program’s list of growing courses currently includes course topics such as: (Remember that by the time you read this the course list will have increased…)

Want to really know what else has been added recently - after I wrote this? Sign up below for the FREE 3-Day Trial and get full access. Yes... FREE for 3 Days!

  • Embracing New Beginnings & Making A Fresh Start! (25 videos + Ebooks).
  • The Art of Reinventing Yourself! 
  • Overcome your fear of public speaking with The Feel The Fear & Speak Anyway Program (14 Video Lessons)
  • How To Master Working From Home: How To Be Productive – and Perform Effectively (25 Video Lessons & Ebook + Workbook)
  • Master Your Emotions (34+ Modules with Video and Audio Lessons, Ebooks and other support materials)
  • Developing Life Changing Success Rituals Master Course (24 Video Lessons)
  • How To Unlock & Develop Your Authentic Self (49 Video Lessons)
  • How To Get What You Really Want (9 Video Lessons)
  • How To Handle Grief, Loss & Sadness (Video Lessons & Ebook)
  • Establish The Power of Your Purpose (10 Video Lessons)
  • Change your life through “Personal Transformation” (10 Video Lessons)
  • How To Develop A Growth Mindset (Video Lessons & Ebook)
  • Become A Better Negotiator At Work (Video Lessons & Ebook)
  • Learn Pandemic Mental Health Secrets (15 Video Lessons)
  • Stress Response Management Skills (10 Video Lessons)
  • The New-Normal Work-Life Balance (15 Video Lessons)
  • How To Stop Worrying About Others (10 Video Lessons)
  • The Power of Becoming An Optimist (11 Video Lessons)
  • Master Your Body Language (Video Lessons & Ebook)
  • Declutter Your Life (So that you can become more productive) (10 Video Lessons)
  • How To Break Bad Habits (11 Video Lessons)
  • Overcome Anxiety (23 Video Lessons)
  • How To Overcome the Imposter Syndrome. (25 Video Lessons)
  • The Art of Persuasion & Influence (20 Video Lesons & Much more) 

More courses are being designed, developed and are being loaded into your course library. Each week you will get at least one new full course added (yes - per week) over the next 3 Years and beyond! Guaranteed!


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Here Are A Few Examples of Your Courses!

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Wait! There's More! 

Upcoming courses (By the time you read this, some may already be in your library):

  • Awaken Your True Calling (10 Video Lessons)
  • How To Stop Overthinking (10 Video Lessons)
  • Getting Things Done (11 Video Lessons)
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Dealing With Burnout (29 Video Lessons)
  • Accountability In the Workplace
  • Effective Time Management Skills
  • The Healing Your Emotional Hurt Series;
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Managing Anger
  • Rising Up From Depression
  • Dealing with Unconscious Biases
  • Holding Difficult Conversations
  • Building Assertiveness & Self Confidence
  • Ethics for Coaches and Counselors
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Delivering Constructive Criticism
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Improving Mindfulness
  • The leadership Development Series (includes 5 courses)
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Overcoming Addictions & Preventing Relapse
  • Improving Self-Awareness
  • Managing Workplace Anxiety
  • Personal Branding
  • Self-Leadership
  • Followership
  • Social Intelligence
  • Employee Motivation
  • Handling Difficult People
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Social Anxiety Disorders;
  • Health & Wellness At Work
  • Overcoming Setbacks and Life Obstacles
  • Stress Response Management Series (includes 5 courses)
  • How To Handle Micro-Messages At Work
  • Building Effective Teams
  • How To Lead & Manage Change (Includes 3 Courses)
  • Becoming Resilient At Work
  • How To Be Inclusive At Work
  • Emotional Intelligence (Includes 5 Courses)
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Developing Interpersonal Skills
  • Managing Relationships At Work

You can access the membership areas via your computer, phone or tablet. Once you have internet access... you will have access to all courses at any time and from anywhere.

You can also access the entire program on your phone by using our special App!!! That’s right… no need for your browser…. No need to sign in… Just use the App which you can download from the Google or Apple Stores!

So… What is the current value? One of our members said it best: $Priceless.

But… how much do all these courses cost if you were to buy them each separately? At the time that I am writing this in Mid-2021, the total cost of the courses currently in your library exceed $16,930. In other words, if you were to pay for each one of these courses, you would have to write a check for, or take out a loan in the amount of $17,000. By the time you are reading this… the costs would have increased exponentially.

There is a lot more that I can say about the Inner Whealth Self-Mastery Membership Program. But I won’t.

Why? Because you can see for yourself. You can get FULL Access to all the courses and take a long look, watch the videos, listen to the audio programs, read the ebooks and reports, and satisfy yourself about the depth and quality and usefullness and valure of these courses and about how much you can learn, grow, develop and transform yourself and your life.

Satisfy yourself about how you can learn to more easily handle your problems, deal with emotional issues, grow as a professional, deal with conflict, get rid of your struggles, improve your relationships… and so much more.

So… How can you get access to this rich vault of life-transforming courses?
Very Easy! I am so convinced that you will benefit tremendously from this library of courses, that I am willing to let you have access for FREE! So there is no-risk to you.

Just get the trial FREE for 3-Days... Look around, take some of the courses, watch some of the hundreds of videos, listen to some of the audios, read some of the ebooks... Then make your final decision if you are going to stay as a member. Then, when you decide to stay... do nothing... And, If you don't want the transformational life-changing courses.... then just cancel. And.. once you are a member - you can also cancel at any time! 

Take a look at what you are getting that will absolutely make a difference in your life - now, tomorrow and beyond. 

Think about what you want to get rid of from your life!

Now, think about what you really - really - really want and deeply desire... then go get it! 

Get access below!

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Conquer Stress, Worry, Sadness & Anxiety!  

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