STOP! Don’t Kneel & Pray!

marcus mottley Dec 19, 2021

By Dr. Marcus Mottley

My late mother, Hyacinth Mottley (1914 – 2021), wrote a book when she was 97 years old. One of the memorable things that she said in her book was this:

I read somewhere that a former slave (Frederick Douglass) said the following: “I prayed for twenty years as a slave but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.”

When I was a child the adults and the preachers used to tell us to watch and pray. But I can tell you that I don’t watch and pray… I walk and pray! And even now that I am not walking like I used to… I pray as I go… I pray as I sit… I pray as I lie in bed… I pray all the time…. morning… noon… and night.

And that is how you should pray.

I read somewhere else that “practical prayer is harder on the soles of your feet than on the knees.” I guess that happens to those who walk as they pray.. rather than those who kneel and pray.

Sometimes you are walking and you are praying.. and you don’t exactly know where you are going… and all of a sudden somebody says to you, “Hey, me just hear that so and so want a maid (to work for them)!” All of a sudden the job that you were walking and praying for shows up – just like that. Just like that slave Frederick Douglass.

The excerpt above is from my mother’s book: Words of Wisdom – Words of FaithInspiration & Motivation from a 97 Year Old. The book is available on Amazon here.

So, don’t kneel and pray!

Walk and pray.

Walk in faith.

Keep your feet moving.

Keep going.

My mother always told me… “I am not waiting for God (or anyone else) to deliver anything to me. I am going to go and dig it up… seek it out, build it, create it… Doing whatever I have to do to get it. And if, God wants to help me… or sends something my way… then I am going to walk… jog… and run to meet it.

While I am waiting on the Lord… and being of good courage… (Psalm 27) I am going to fearlessly step out into the dark of the unknown… because I am not afraid of the ‘noisome pestilence’ or the ‘terror by night’ (Psalm 91).”

As you can see my mother was a strong believer and a woman of deep faith. She lived in perpetual prayer… As a little boy, I would see her in the kitchen cooking… or doing laundry… or cleaning the house… and one thing would be constant: Her lips would be moving…

She was praying. While working.

When we traveled together… sitting next to her on a flight… or in a bus… or taxi… Her lips would be moving…. Praying…

So… the advice to you – from my mother: Stop kneeling and praying….

Walk and pray.

Move and pray.

Work and pray.

Waiting on your knees is not an option.

Move towards whatever you want… with faith... deep belief... firm commitment... understanding that you have to move towards your goals.  "Seeing those things that be not... as though they are and have been manifested...

Yep. 107 years of “praying while moving her feet”.

Get the rest of her story here.


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