Mentally & Emotionally Vaccinated

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2021

By Dr. Marcus Mottley


So how can a person be mentally and emotionally vaccinated?

Idris (not his real name), one of my coaching clients, is someone that I deeply respect for a lot of reasons. Over the last three years he has had a lot of burdens to carry – much more so than many of us.

In 2019, he lost his father who died of cancer. Later that year, he was in a terrible car accident which was the fault of some who was drugging, drinking… and driving. He spent y months confined to a hospital bed and then to a wheelchair. After that he had to endure months of physical therapy. And, just when he was beginning to move around independently, his oldest brother died of the same type of cancer as their father.

Next, he got a job (he is a civic engineer) with a company that had a contract with the government…. And then, yep, you guessed it: Covid19 descended on all of us. The country went on lockdown… and since he was the last in – he was the first to be out of work with his new company.

Then between nine 14 months into the Pandemic he lost an aunt, two cousins and his only sister… all to Covid19.

But, then the Government reopened, he got his job back (luckily) and he started to work.

And, last month, he was diagnosed with the same cancer that took both his father and his brother.

So, other than being mercilessly pummeled by life, what is amazing about Idris?

Well… he seems to be mentally and emotionally vaccinated… not just against Covid19, but against all of the trials and tribulations that he has gone through and is going through.

Why do I say that?

I say that because Idris never complains. He always has a good positive attitude… No – he doesn’t smile much…. But he is always very pleasant… very steady… very focused… And if he walked into the room you wouldn’t know that he had suffered all of the above and a lot more.

A lot more? Yep! Idris is a refugee who has been beaten, abused and violated since he was a teenager.

But he is a person of deep faith, prays at least six times per day, and – no… he never complains about his lot in life.

He told me recently that he is not worried about the future… is not worried about Covid… and is not worried about his recent diagnosis either.

But that is not to say that he is leaving his health and wellbeing to chance.

He has aggressively pursuit the most daunting treatment regimen of his disease. He is highly optimistic that he can beat it. He is studying to start a teaching role at his mosque. He signed up to be a virtual counselor for young men who have refugee status and who don’t have anyone else to turn to. He is the icon of his large family… and looked up to by all in his community.

He is the walking testimony of being mentally and emotionally vaccinated against whatever negative ‘shutff’ that is thrown his way.

How does he do it? Prayer! Mediation! Positive Self-Talk and Affirmations; And a high level of belief that his body is THE temple.

His mantra in his life is that he is trying to make the Mustard Seed into the size of a soccer ball and keep it in his heart!

How about that for making yourself resilient.

He refuses to let his external circumstances dictate his emotional or mental well-being.

How about you?  

Want to get mentally and emotionally vaccinated like Idris? Consider my Self-Mastery Program.


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