Is Easter A Time for Sadness or Gladness?

marcus mottley Apr 10, 2022

According to one writer, Easter is a time of mixed feelings: For some people - sadness, confusion and loss, but for others it can include happiness, hope and joy.

For Christians, Easter is a joyful time and reminds that sadness does not last forever.  So, as you prepare for the Easter break, let us take a moment to reflect back on the issues that have made us sad in the past.

But then, we should not dwell on those negative and often traumatic experiences.

We should remember the good deeds we have done and the fond memories that we have of past times.

And most of all, we should also think about the future and the magic that life holds ahead for us.

And, between the past and the future… there is the present – NOW.

In focusing on the present, we should remember that Easter is also a time of new starts, of Spring; of flowers blossoming and the greenery of nature emerging from the cold heart of winter.

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Have a peaceful week filled with satisfaction and success.


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