Don't Blindly Believe 'His-Story"

marcus mottley Dec 21, 2021

By Dr Marcus Mottley


My late mother, Hyacinth Mottley warned me “Don’t believe or follow ‘his-tory.” (She said it wasn't even a ‘story’… It was instead a ‘tory’ (meaning lies and fabrications – fake facts).

Frist of all, she said, ‘his-tory’ was not only biased against women – but left them out entirely or at least relegated them to being ‘foot maidens’ (who were forced to wait on men – hand and foot).

Secondly, ‘his-story’ not only denigrated ‘native peoples’ from around the world, but, according to her, covered up and ‘white-washed’ ‘his’ criminal (genocidal) contribution of a ‘thousand years’ of ‘evil’ practices.

Thirdly, my mother encouraged me to write my own story and to encourage all ‘native people’ to write their own stories.

Where did she get her knowledge from? She was a wide reader… reading the Christian Bible, bits from a translated Koran, information from the Torah, a very old copy of the Bhagavad Gita, The Lost Books of the Bible, and much more. She read books that others said were forbidden to be read. Yep… 6th and 7th Books of Moses, The Egyptian Book of the Dead – and a ton of others.

And guess what?

Her son read them too! By the time I was 12 years old, I had consumed a lot of those books. And some of them were downright scary. I remember one book warning that unless you were initiated you shouldn’t read beyond a certain page. Hmmmmmm…. I read the whole book anyway.

She had once been a member of the Household of Ruth (the ‘women’s arm of the Odd Fellows), because her father was a member of both the Odd Fellows and the Masons! She left them because she claimed that their ‘traditions’ were rooted in the practices of the ‘white-washing his-storians’.

What’s the point of me revealing all this?

My mother also told me to get all the knowledge I can… Particularly the ‘hard to find’, ‘hidden’ knowledge, that ‘they’ keep to themselves for themselves and their progeny!

And then she said… learn to apply the knowledge… because “knowledge is only power when you use it” for you and yours.

“Build your own story.”

“Craft your own journey.”

“Tell it your way.”

“Interpret it your way.”

“Decide on your own facts.”

“Live your story – your way!”


She also wanted me to pass it on to my sons. (That’s hard! But that’s for another article)

She encouraged me to selectively share some of it to as many people as possible.


To you.

Which is why I developed the “Me Mastery Program”. (Even though there are hundreds of videos and ebooks in the program right now, it is only in the infancy stage now. Because… an avalanche of info is coming. In all areas… on a myriad of topics… And a lot of it is hard to find! Get in now… pay a little now… or pay a lot later. Don’t miss out.)

Anyway, I promised my mother that I would ‘pass it on’. And that’s what I am doing now. To you.

Particularly if you want to write ‘Your-story’ and not just read ‘his-story’.


And, hey, you can read ‘her-story’ here!


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