marcus mottley Dec 23, 2021
Would you agree with me that 2020 and 2021 have been difficult years for most people on the planet?
And, would you agree that most people probably want to put this year behind them and are looking forward to a better, less stressful, 'more normal' 2022?
As a Coach, people have raised questions about what they can do to put 2020 and 2021 firmly behind them in their rear view mirror. 
My suggestion is a two-step process:  (1) they quickly reflect on these last two years, and then (2) turn their attention to making a FRESH START in 2022. 
I developed a short program to help the people I caoch manage the first step in the process. It is called REFLECTION and it contains 2 easy-to-read eBooks and short 10 video recordings. 
Would you like to get it? At no cost?
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Have a safe and enjoyable holiday! 

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