How To Ignore the 'Naysayers' & 'Critics'!

dr. marcus mottley Jul 01, 2022

Have you discovered your true calling?

If your answer is yes, then it's only natural that you'll want to tell everybody you know about it. However, I would advise against doing so for the time being. Why? Because you're gonna find people who will try to stand in your way or put you off.

Why do they do this?

There are lots of reasons. Some people might (with the best of intentions) see it as their duty to protect you from failure and disappointment. Others simply “don't get it” because they just cannot comprehend WHY you would want to follow such a calling in the first place. They'll do their darnedest to make you “see sense” and talk you out of it. You can't reason with these “naysayers”, so don't even try.

Others will WANT you to fail.

That's right. Some people, even those you thought you could rely on, will want you to fail. Why? Oftentimes it's because they secretly wanted to follow their true calling themselves, but lacked the courage to do...

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Are You Affected by Fear, Greed & Corruption?

dr. marcus mottley Jun 23, 2022

Today’s world is 'primarily' driven by only two things.

No… not hope…

No… not charity…

No… not concern for others…

And no… definitely not love for others either!

First of the two things that primarily drive our workd… is fear/anxiety/worry.

People everywhere are worried about their health and the dangers of diseases like Covid19, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. They are anxious about their safety and security because of the rising levels of crime in every country.

But, people are mostly worried about money and are afraid that they may not be able to make a living, put food on the table, pay their rent or mortgage, pay their medical bills, and take care of their families.

And, this fear of not having the finances to manage their lives, leads to the other ‘thing’ that drives the world today…


Yep. Greed. What is that? It is the excessive desire for more money, power, property…


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Are You the 'Wind' or the 'Sun'?

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2022

Hundreds of years ago, the Sage Aesop wrote that the north wind and the sun had an argument about who was stronger. They agreed that the winner would be whoever could strip a traveller of his clothing.

The wind tried first to use its powerful gusts to rip off the traveller's clothing... but that only made the man wrap his clothes more tightly around him. The wind blew even more fiercly with a cold and frigid blizzard. But the man became so cold that he added an additional layer of thick clothing around him. 

Nothing worked for the north wind so it eventually gave up.

Now - it was the sun's turn. So... the sun first tried some moderate heat which forced the man to take off his shirt. Then the sun quietly and slowly turned up the heat blazing on the man such that the man began to strip off all of his clothers. It was so hot that the man ran naked into the nearby river to cool off. 

Of course, the sun won on that day. But why?

Well... according to Aesop, persuasion is more...

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That "SLAP" Was Triggered By...

dr. marcus mottley Jun 14, 2022

Recently, I wrote an article with the title "Don't Pull That Trigger". In it I cautioned readers on 'emotional triggers' and the harm they can do. 

Today, I read a news article on the 'slap' that was seen around the world in which a 'famous' friend of both the 'slapper' and the 'slappee' claimed that the 'slapper' was triggered before the incident! 

He also contended that afterward, the 'slapper' was shocked at his own behavior and devastated at what he had done so public... in such an international forum when  millions of people were watching. 

Shocked and surprised by his own behavior. Yep! That's what triggers will do to you...particularly emotional triggers. You will do 'shtuff'  and wonder why you did them. You will do 'shtuff' that will negatively impact your entire life... 

But... it doesn't have to be that way. 


Well... despite what i wrote before... emotional triggers are not all bad. 

For example, you...

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My RUDE Email...

dr. marcus mottley Jun 10, 2022

Somenone wrote me an email today chastising me for not offering my programs, courses, coaching, counseling and consulting services for free! 

Well... I wrote a response. As a matter of fact I wrote the response about seven (7) times! Yes... 7 times. Why? Well... I wrote it... rewrote it... and rewrote it maybe even more than 7 times. 

I am still not sure that it came out right! But its my least emotional version... (probably least strategic also)... 

So here it is: 

"Did you eat bread today? Did you buy it? Did you get it for free?

Did you drink juice or milk today? Did you buy it? Did you get it for free?
Did you buy gas for your car? Did you pay your cellphone and electricity bill? Or, did you get those for free?
Did you pay your rent... or pay down on your loan? Or are those free also? 
What I offer is food for the mind... food to nourish you to achieve your goals and objectives... 
What I offer are ways that you can...
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"She's Gone!"

dr. marcus mottley Jun 03, 2022

“Oh my! She’s gone! I can’t go on! I’m all alone now… It’s over for me. What am I going to do?”

Hi… this is Marcus Mottley. And if you are wondering, those were the words of someone I coached over 15 years ago.

Someone I was  coaching… not counseling… Yes! Coaching!

Yep. An executive!

When he started to ‘cry’ I almost slipped into my Clinical Psychology mode… Why? Because I thought that maybe his wife had died… or left him… or a close family member may have had a tragedy... or something terribly personal had happened!

Nope! He was devastated because his administrative assistant of many, many, many years had just decided to leave the company for a new career! And he took that personally! He immediately began to think about what he had lost… the support – the knowledge – the understanding – and so much more!

So... Nope... Not a personal matter. A professional...

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Don't Pull That Trigger!

dr. marcus mottley May 31, 2022

Nope! Don't pull that emotional trigger!

Why? Because, like any trigger, emotional triggers can cause devaastatingly serious harm. And, the problem with emotional triggers is that, most times, you don't even control when they are being pulled!  

Your emotions do not just occur. They are 'triggered' by something or someone. So, identifying what triggers your emotions is an important first step to controlling your emotions. You need to know what you are dealing with so that you can take the most appropriate action to neutralize the triggers and the emotions associated with them. In other words, since you are responsible for what happens after you are 'triggered' - you neet to take charge before!  So, here are a few things to consider. 

Emotional Triggers are Unique to you

The first thing to understand about emotional triggers is that they are unique to you. What triggers your emotions will not be the same as what triggers other people’s emotions. An emotional...

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Boost Your Self Love To Control Your Emotions

marcus mottley May 29, 2022

If you do not feel good about yourself then it will be a lot more challenging to control your emotions. Boosting your self-love is an effective way to help control your emotions. In this article, we will reveal powerful methods you can use to increase your self-worth.

Learn to Forgive Yourself

There will probably be times when you let your emotions get the better of you and you need to forgive yourself when this happens. You will probably see this as a failure and experience negative thoughts about yourself. Neutralize these negative thoughts with positive thoughts about yourself. This will help to improve your self-forgiveness.

Positive affirmations are an efficient technique to boost your self-love. To get the best results with affirmations you need to create them around your weaknesses. Once you have written your positive affirmations keep a copy with you at all times. We recommend reading your affirmations out loud each morning to provide you with the best start to your day....

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3 Brain Hacks

marcus mottley May 07, 2022

Brain Hacks For Stress Management

There are some very effective brain hacks that you can use for stress management. You need to retrain your brain to react in a different way to stress triggers. This will take time and consistent effort but you can do it. In this article, we will discuss three of the most powerful brain hacks you can use to reduce and control your stress.

1. Identify Limiting Beliefs and replace them

We all have some limiting beliefs stored away in our subconscious minds. Some of these have been there for a long time. Many of us created these limiting beliefs when we were children. Kids are often told a lot of negative things by their parents and their teachers. The intention is usually to protect the child but it can lead to problems in adult life.

Were you ever told by your parents that money doesn’t grow on trees? This was to stop you from thinking that you can just ask for any amount of money and your parents would provide it. If you wanted your parents to...

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Is Easter A Time for Sadness or Gladness?

marcus mottley Apr 10, 2022

According to one writer, Easter is a time of mixed feelings: For some people - sadness, confusion and loss, but for others it can include happiness, hope and joy.

For Christians, Easter is a joyful time and reminds that sadness does not last forever.  So, as you prepare for the Easter break, let us take a moment to reflect back on the issues that have made us sad in the past.

But then, we should not dwell on those negative and often traumatic experiences.

We should remember the good deeds we have done and the fond memories that we have of past times.

And most of all, we should also think about the future and the magic that life holds ahead for us.

And, between the past and the future… there is the present – NOW.

In focusing on the present, we should remember that Easter is also a time of new starts, of Spring; of flowers blossoming and the greenery of nature emerging from the cold heart of winter.

So, to put a smile on your face now and warm your heart, what better...

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