Dr. Marcus Mottley

Marcus M. Mottley is a business consultant, clinical psychologist, executive coach and business owner with more than 45 years of experience in the fields of education, mental health, executive coaching, emotional and social intelligence, and human resource & organizational development.


We provide regular webinars on Leadership Techniques; Mental Health Strategies for Depression and Anxiety; How To Conquer Fear of Public Speaking; How How To Handle Your Emotional Shtuff! And much, much more... 


We are developing e-courses on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, How To Conquer Fear of Public Speaking, Advanced Mental Health Counseling Skills, and Coaching Skills for Managers

Membership Programs

We are building community memberships where you will receive tons of information to enhance your knowledge and skills. Each week you receive new articles, podcasts and videos to grow you knowledge.

Executive Coaching

Get individualized online executive and life coaching and mentoring to enhance your development, develop your skills and help you achieve your personal and professional vision and goals.


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